Saturday, June 6, 2009

Spinning a Yarn with Martha

Just in case you missed it (like me...), Martha Stewart had an entire show on Knitting & Crochet this past week. It premiered on Thursday at 11am(Eastern).

Had I not had an unexpected meeting, my tush would've been planted firmly in front of the TV absorbing it all. Much to my dear Mother's dismay, I like Martha's shows and ideas. Now, I can't say too much for her manners, as on most of the shows she talks over her guests or gets snippy with them, but many of the ideas she shares are simple & wonderful.

Mom doesn't appreciate her because she believes that Martha has a staff that comes up with all of the ideas & Martha is basically a spokesperson. While that may be the case now, I do believe that her beginnings were truly her own ideas. Hey, if I had a multi-million dollar company I'd hire people to search out goodies, too...

Any who, here's a link to "The Yarn Show." (Don't you just LOVE the fact that you can view many of your favorites online???)

There is a beginning piece about building a yarn bag, a visit to Lions Brand yarn studio (where she mentions Amigurumi!), a fashion show & some crocheted goodies. Enjoy!

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