Monday, May 25, 2009

Monday with Etsy

I spent yesterday combing the Etsy Pounce feature for "new" and "undiscovered" artisans. I found some really lovely shops. Unfortunately, several had no seller "Bio" or Shop Policies listed. As much as I want to share Etsy finds with you, I'd like to know something about the seller (other than what their listings look like) before I feature them.

To me, buying handmade is an entire package. That's the same reason I love shopping at the farmer's market - I want to get to know the person behind the creation. It adds something to the experience for me. It's something you simply can't get shopping at Walmart...

During this long search I Twittered about it a few times. As luck would have it Popsicle Stick found me there. Will wonders never cease! Just when I needed a fiber arts oriented post...

Skate Socks Granny Square Afghan

Apparently she's been selling on Etsy for several months now, utilizing her fiber and other mediums to entice us. What a sunshiney, happy shop. It reminds me of the 70's!

Hang Ten Crochet Bracelet

She states that she picked up the crochet skills from her mother who went everywhere with crochet in hand (hallelujah...that makes me feel not so crazy!)

Knee Socks and Nikes Crochet Scarf

With almost too reasonable prices, and 100% cotton, customizable creations how can you miss? Hop over to visit when you have a moment and snatch up a great deal for that upcoming birthday or shower!

Bubblicious DNA Crochet Bracelet
(Doesn't this look like the old Bubblicious package??? Too cute!)

All photographic rights belong to PopsicleStick.


Barbra joan said...

Her colors are like delicious sherbert. I'll check it out.

Jadielady said...

I feel the same way! I'm not nearly as tempted by colors of yarn as I am the stories behind how the artist was inspired to make that color.

hehehe my word verification is "inticers!"

Thumperdd said...

Yep. Yummy, sherbert, happy them!

I also love that her names give me the sense of her inspiration for the color choices. When I look at the afghan I picture a teenage girl skating down the sidewalk in her "hot pants" and knee hi socks listening to her transitor radio...pure 70's!

Danita said...

Danita -
I'm watching The Hills (why?) and finishing up my friend's Granny pillow cover so I decide to check again to see who got picked for today's Etsy Monday - it's me! Thank you so much for all the really nice props. I'm fresh off CraftSaturday(.com) so I don't have a lot in my shop, but I'm a busy kid & will add potholders, etc. soon. Everyone thank you for your nice comments - I'm as happy as can be! My word=quilit

byapryl said...

I love those bracelets! Thank you for sharing this colorful artist!

hswell said...

I was lucky enough to pick up a set of potholders from popsickle stick at the last Craft Saturday. They add great pop of color in the kitchen!

Thumperdd said...

How wonderful, hswell!

I bet they do color your kitchen right up... Enjoy them in good health!