Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Prayer Shawl Ministry

Exploring the craft stores can lead you to many things. Sometimes it leads you to spending more money, sometimes to new crafts, and occasionally to your next great idea. Recently, I found my next great idea.

Browsing the knitting and crochet "how to" books lead me to a wonderful discovery. Two Prayer Shawl Ministry books caught my eye. Published by Leisure Books and sponsored by Lion Brand yarn, these books are marvelous. They each contain prayers, thoughts and ideas along with knitting and crochet patterns for several shawls.

Prayer Shawls are often offered up as a confirmation of God's love for each of us. Each shawl is handmade, with love, by a member of the ministry group. As the shawl is made it is regularly prayed over and upon completion receives one final blessing before being gifted to a chosen recipient. Most recipients are home bound or have an illness, but these can be given for any number of things. As I flipped through the books I longed to purchase them, but I often put things up to go home and pray about how best to spend my funds.

Several days later these books were still on my mind and my heart. I went back to see them again. Again, I left without them. The next day I overhead a conversation at another store that mentioned these shawls as a good idea. I knew that was my final nudge. When I returned the following week, both books were on sale...God's final confirmation that this was for me...He knows I can't pass up a sale!

Once I had the books and did a little more research on the computer I knew this would be a fabulous ministry for my church. Approval by the pastor and board immediately followed in December. We will start 2009 with this new ministry!

This is the first shawl offered into service...

1st Prayer Shawl - extended 1st Prayer Shawl
The shawl is stockinette stitch. It's composed of Lion's Brand Homespun in Windsor Blue. The combination of color and stitching lends itself to the appearance of flowing water. Gorgeous!

There's nothing better than sharing your God given talents!

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